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Library assessment visit to Philippines with IREX as part of the Beyond Access campaign. Despite their large numbers, libraries remain outside most government ICT programs. There are lots of opportunities for libraries to play a larger role in national development efforts, though it will require greater coordination of government programs and a new mindset about the role of libraries. Davao exemplifies the potential.


Seven NGOs share innovative technology programs at the “Learning from outside the library” session at the Gates Foundation Global Libraries annual grantee peer learning meeting.

Innovation hubs and co-working spaces are flourishing. Community technology centers and libraries can ride this trend. Physical space offers important, often overlooked, value for people coming together around technology.

If 10% of the people who come into a telecenter receive help with computers from the staff person, is that considered sufficient impact? I just returned from Chile with our infomediary research team and after visiting several telecenters, libraries and cybercafés I feel that the development field under-appreciates the benefits that come from the 10% […]

Last week the Gates Foundation awarded the 2009 Access to Learning Award to the Fundación Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM Foundation) for its network of public libraries in the Medellin district of Colombia. By sheer coincidence – since this award is a closely guarded secret – a team of CIS researchers was in Colombia at […]

I’m on my way to Veracruz, Mexico to spend a week with Gates Foundation global library grantees for what they call the Peer Learning Meeting. Ever since we started studying libraries about 18 months ago I’ve been wondering, why is it that these institutions of information access haven’t registered on my ICTD radar in the […]